HY530PI  Pink Thermal Grease

HY530PI Pink Thermal Grease

HY530PI 粉色导热硅脂,这类硅脂里添加高导热石墨粉,金属粉等物质,以取得更佳的导热效果。本产品广泛应用于CPU...

  • Model:HY530PI
  • Brand:HALNZIYE
  • Colour:Pink
  • Thermal conductivity:2.5 W/m-k
  • Package:Syringe, Blister Card, Tube, Can etc.
  • Application:Smart Phone, CPU etc.
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product details

HY530PI Pink Themral Grease


Product Description


HY530PI Pink Thermal Grease, Normal Cheap Model, Thermal grease passed SGS, ROHS, SVHC Certificates, differen packing for your different demands. 


Thermal conductivity: 2.5w/m-k

Good Electric Insulating, Breakdown 5kv voltage

Low Thermal Impedance, keep grease condition with long time

With a wide range working temperature, keep stable performance at temperature 

-20 ℃ ~230 ℃

High performance, saving your cost .




Thermal Conductivity>2.5W/m-k
Thermal Impedance<0.126℃-in²/W
Specific Gravity>2.5g/cm³
Thixotropic Index350±101/10mm
Moment Bore Temperature-30~280







Silicone Compounds25%
Carbon Compounds50%
Metal Oxide Compound25%


Product Applications


High thermal Demand module

Cooling device to the end plate or between the Frame

High speed and large storage Drive

Automotive Engine Control

Hard disk drive

Power conversion apparatus

Smart Phone

Notebook and desktop computers

Network communications equipment

Household appliances ,electronic components ,electrical etc.

Application Method


1. Clean the CPU and heat sink surface, wipe the surface lightly with a cotton ball or cotton seab dampened with our thermal cleanser.

2. Place a tiny drop of thermal grease to the center of the cooler base, smear it evenly with scraper, best thickness is 0.13~0.15mm.

3. Attach the heat sink to the processor and avoid removing the heat sink after installing it.
4. Finished

Product Storage


Room temperature

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