HY880-TU10-2P Grey Thermal Grease
HY880-TU10-2P Grey Thermal Grease
HY880-TU10-2P Grey Thermal Grease

HY880-TU10-2P Grey Thermal Grease

HY880 carbon nanoscale superconducting thermal silicone grea...

  • Model:HY880-TU10-2P
  • Brand:Halnziye
  • Colour:Grey
  • Thermal conductivity:5.15w/m-k
  • Package:ZIP bag packing
  • Application:CPU & GPU Cooling
  • Thermal Impedance:0.004 °C-in2/W
  • Concentration:320 ± 10 1/10mm
  • High temperature resistance:-30 ~ 150 °C
  • Operation temperature:-20 ~ 130 °C
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product details

HY880 Grey Thermal Grease


Products Description:


HY880 carbon nanoscale superconducting thermal silicone grease, which uses a high-quality thermal paste combined with carbon nanotube technology and silicone, has 16 times the strength of stainless steel and 5 times the thermal conductivity of copper. Because carbon nanotubes are powders themselves, they may be the most suitable additive for building new composite materials. Carbon reduction nanotubes added to polymer, ceramic or metal substrates can significantly improve the physical properties of the main material (such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and other physical properties), which is specially used for high-quality heat sinks with good heat dissipation effect.

Products through SGS environmental protection certification, in line with the EU RoHS testing standards. A variety of packaging, convenient for customers to choose to use.

Nanoscale superconducting thermal silicone grease, thermal conductivity 5.15W /m-k;

Strong insulation performance, can withstand voltage of more than 10,000 volts;

Low thermal resistance, long-lasting paste status;

Wide operating temperature range, stable performance under -30℃-150℃ environment;

High thermal performance, cost effective


Products data :



Thermal Conductivity>5.15W/m-k
Thermal Impedance
Specific Gravity>2.79g/cm³
Thicotropic index320±101/10mm
Moment Beared TEMP.-30~150
Operation TEMP.-20~130




Silicone Compounds10%
Carbon Compounds45%
Metal Oxide Compounds45%

Product Applications


High thermal Demand module

Cooling device to the end plate or between the Frame

High speed and large storage Drive

Automotive Engine Control

Hard disk drive

Power conversion apparatus

High power COB LED Lighting

Notebook and desktop computers

Network communications equipment

Household appliances ,electronic components ,electrical etc.

Application Method


1. Clean the CPU and heat sink surface, wipe the surface lightly with a cotton ball or cotton seab dampened with our thermal cleanser.

2. Place a tiny drop of thermal grease to the center of the cooler base, smear it evenly with scraper, best thickness is 0.13~0.15mm.

3. Attach the heat sink to the processor and avoid removing the heat sink after installing it.
4. Finished

Product Storage


Room temperature

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