HY910 Thermal glue 5g in the aluminum tube

HY910 Thermal glue 5g in the aluminum tube

HY910 SiliconeThermal Glue is Room Temperature Vulcanized Si...

  • Model:HY910
  • Brand:Halnziye
  • Colour:White
  • Thermal conductivity:0.975W/m-K
  • Package:5g in the Aluminum tube
  • Application:LED Lighting, laptop heat pipe, heat sink etc.
  • Thermal Impedance:
  • Concentration:
  • High temperature resistance:
  • Operation temperature:-60 ~ 250 °C
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product details

HY910 White Themral Glue


Product Description


HY910 White Thermal Glue, good performance for LED Lighting sealing and thermal conductive, Laptop heat pipe fixed etc., Thermal Glue passed SGS, ROHS, SVHC Certificates, differen packing for your different demands. 


Thermal conductivity: 0.975 w/m-k

Good Electric Insulating, Breakdown 10kv voltage

Low Thermal Impedance, keep grease condition with long time

With a wide range working temperature, keep stable performance at temperature 

-60 ℃ ~250 ℃

High performance, saving your cost.




Thermal Conductivity0.975W/m-k
Hardness78 ± 5Shore A
Specific Gravity>2.3g/cm³
Surface Drying Time5~15Minutes
Dry Out Time24Hours
Dielectric Strength10KV/MM







Crossing Agent10%
Silicone Materials30%
Thermal Conductive Material20 ~ 40%
Strengthening Fillers20 ~ 40%


Product Applications


LED Lighting

Laptop Heat Pipe

Heat Sink

Application Method


Not Recommend to use this thermal glue on CPU, GPU chipset.

Shelf Time


6 Months under room temperature

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