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The characteristics and usage differences between thermal conductive silicone and thermal conductive silicone grease


Characteristics and differences between thermal conductive silica gel and thermal conductive silicone grease

When we buy thermal conductivity products, most people will not distinguish the difference between thermal silicone and thermal grease, and then may buy the wrong, directly confuse them, in addition to the difference in their name, its characteristics and uses are different.

First of all, we know that thermal conductive silicone is a kind of rubber, a single-component dealcoholization type room temperature curing silicone rubber, which can be cured into an elastomer with higher hardness in a short time, and has a certain cooling and bonding function for electronic devices, and has a certain elastic body product.

And thermal grease is usually known as silicon paste, it is a kind of grease products, the difference with silicone is that it has no bonding performance, and will not dry, thermal grease is the use of special formula production, domestic also has self-research, self-production, self-marketing as one of the thermal grease manufacturers, such as reputation and popularity are good Huaneng Zhiresearch, At present, they have produced more than 300 kinds of thermal grease, mainly according to the needs of different brands.



At present, most of the thermal grease is composed of metal oxides with good thermal conductivity and insulation and organic siloxane. The product has good thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation, wide use temperature (working temperature -50℃ ~ 250℃), good use stability, low consistency and good construction performance, this product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, tasteless, dry, insoluble.

Above we talked about the appearance, let's talk about the features and uses:

Thermal grease: has high thermal conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation (only for insulating thermal grease), wide use temperature, good use stability, low consistency and good construction performance.

Heat-conducting silica gel: Through the condensation reaction of water in the air, low molecules are released to cause cross-linking curing, and vulcanized into high-performance elastomers. It has excellent thermal and cold resistance, aging resistance and electrical insulation. And has excellent moisture, seismic, corona resistance, leakage resistance and chemical media resistance.

Distinction of usefulness

Thermal grease: used for power amplifier, transistor, tube, CPU and other electronic components of heat conduction and heat dissipation, so as to ensure the electrical performance of electronic instruments, instruments and other stability.

Thermal silica gel: widely coated in a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment in the heating body (power tube, thyristor, electric heating pile, etc.) and heat dissipation facilities (heat sink, heat strip, shell, etc.) between the contact surface, the role of heat transfer media and moisture, dust, corrosion, shock and other properties.

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