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Halnziye HY510 large packaging thermal conductive silicone grease with a weight of 6kg


  What does the thermal grease used for LED mining lamps look like? Halnziye HY510 large package thermal silicone grease, 6kg.

  The thermal conductivity of HY510 is 1.93W/m-k, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, high pressure resistance, high and low temperature resistance, strong conduction and stable performance.




  Thermal gap fillers offer a range of benefits for a wide variety of different devices and components. Learn why thermal gap fillers are the right solution for your thermal interface needs. The advantages of joint fillers include: ultra-low modulus, excellent adaptability to complex geometry, a single solution for multiple applications, a single solution for multiple applications, efficient material use, customizable flow characteristics.

  Ultra-low modulus, minimal stress during assembly - since the caulk is distributed and wetted in a liquid state, the material exerts almost zero stress on the component during assembly. Thermal gap fillers can be used to connect the flimsiest and most vulnerable devices.

  Excellent adaptability to complex geometry - liquid gap fillers can adapt to complex morphologies, including multilayer surfaces. Due to its pre-curing fluidity, caulk can fill small voids, gaps, and holes. This reduces the overall thermal resistance of the heating device.

  Single solution for multiple applications - Unlike preformed gap fillers, liquid gap fillers offer unlimited thickness options and eliminate the need for specific pad thicknesses or die cut shapes for individual applications.

  Efficient material use - Manual or semi-automatic dispensing tools can be used to apply the liquid thermal gap fill material directly to the target surface, thereby efficiently utilizing the material with minimal waste. By implementing automatic dispensing equipment, further material volume optimization can be achieved, resulting in precise material placement and reduced material application time.

  Customizable flow characteristics - While thermal gap fillers are designed to flow easily under minimal pressure, they are thixotropic, which helps the material stay in place after dispensing and before curing.

  Halnziye gap fillers include a range of rheological properties that can be customized to your flow requirements. This includes artesian and highly thixotropic materials, which retain their shape when dispensed.

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