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Application Plan for Thermal Conductive Silicone Grease in the Home Appliance Industry

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Plan Details:

  Thermal grease is also known as thermal paste, thermal paste, generally used for high-power electrical appliances, lithium batteries, transistors, tubes, cpus and other electronic components of heat conduction and heat dissipation, so as to ensure the stability of electrical performance of electronic instruments, instruments, etc., in heat dissipation and heat conduction applications, even if the surface is very smooth two planes in contact with each other will have a gap. The air in these voids is a poor conductor of heat and blocks the transfer of heat to the heat sink. Thermal grease is a material that can fill these gaps and make the heat transfer smoother and faster.

  Application of thermal conductive silicone grease in home appliance industry

  1. Thermal grease is suitable for the contact surface between the power amplifier tube and the heat sink in the electronics industry: such as TV, DVD, CPU and power amplifier tube, which plays the role of heat media; 2, thermal grease is suitable for microwave communication, microwave transmission equipment and special power supply, regulated power supply and other microwave devices surface coating and overall pooping; 3, thermal grease is suitable for the heat transfer of electronic components, such as transistors, ballasts, heat sensors, computer fans, etc., high-power transistors (plastic-sealed tube), two and tube and substrate (aluminum, copper plate) contact gap heat transfer media, rectifiers and electrical thermal insulation materials; 4, thermal grease is suitable for effective thermal connection of many heat dissipation devices requiring effective cooling; 5, thermal grease is suitable for high-voltage corona elimination, non-combustible coatings used in the connection of high-voltage flyback transformers with TV sets and similar applications; 6. Thermal grease is suitable for filling the gap between the heating body and the cooling facility in various electronic and electrical equipment to improve the heat dissipation effect.



  Note after applying thermal grease:

  1, the thermal grease is never cured after application, this point needs to be noted, if the thermal grease has the phenomenon of curing, this thermal grease is not qualified, can not be used in large quantities in industrial manufacturing. In order to avoid this situation, users can buy products with a reputation guarantee (such as the series of products of Huaneng Zhiyan).

  2, thermal grease need to observe whether there are bubbles after application, if there are bubbles can be pierced with a toothpick, otherwise these bubbles will lead to uneven application, affecting the heat dissipation coefficient.

  3, the unused thermal grease needs to be sealed, can be placed in a cool place, it is best to use up within 12, the thermal conductivity will decline for a long time, it is not recommended to use again.

  Huaneng is committed to providing cost-effective thermal interface materials (thermal silicone grease), thermal adhesives, thermal silicone pads and other thermal interface materials, whether it is in the LED, computer CPU and VGA radiator, household appliances, medical equipment or other electronic products in the heat dissipation solutions play an irreplaceable role.

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