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Halnziye HY900 series thermal conductive interface materials applied to high-power LED


  Halnziye thermal bonding material HY900 series designed for electronic parts cooling thermal interface materials, HY910, HY910A two models, the paste is white, using aluminum tube design, weight 3-75g/ piece.

  HY900 series thermal conductivity adhesive contains white thermal conductivity adhesive, gold AB adhesive neutral curing, paste thermal conductivity filler (dealcoholization type), this product is made of excellent thermal conductivity and insulation properties of the filler and silicone mixed, help to establish an absolute insulation heat dissipation environment, can speed up the heat conduction speed of electronic and electrical devices, thereby improving heat dissipation efficiency.



  Through the condensation reaction with trace water molecules in the air caused by crosslinking and gradually vulcanized into high-performance elastomer, after curing has excellent flame retardant properties, aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance (-60~250°), insulation, moisture-proof, no swelling, for most metals and non-metals have good adhesion, can seal a variety of electronic components, bonding, no solvent, It will not emit toxic gases, and will not pollute the surrounding environment, in line with the requirements of the EU RoHS directive.

  Halnziye thermal grease is mainly used in high-power LED, optical fiber communication equipment, liquid crystal display, graphics card, control board, radiator, CPU, computer and other electronic equipment products, for the equipment to play a heat dissipation role.

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